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A Preacher and a Writer--and Woman's Best Friend; Relationships: With his books and TV show, the Rev. T.D. Jakes has gained recognition for his advice to the downtrodden.; Home Edition

Los Angeles Times Thursday August 20, 1998 Home Edition Life & Style, Page 1
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Outside the Eso Won bookstore in Baldwin Hills, women hid under their flowered hats for close to five hours, determined to outlast the heat wave and be first to meet T.D. Jakes. A Pentecostal minister with a 16,000-member church in Dallas and a television program, "Get Ready With T.D. Jakes," that reaches nearly 3 million viewers worldwide, Jakes recently launched a third career as an author. "The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord" (Putnam) is his 14th book in five years. In it he writes to women who have been abused and comes away sounding like a close

Television has made him more image conscious. He has lost 100 pounds in the last year. A diamond chessboard pinkie ring is the first thing you see when he enters a dining room, and all through lunch the monogram on his shirt cuff peeks out from beneath his jacket. He has it figured out--his talent for listening and his honest advice made him the favorite
televangelist in Texas. Not the accessories.

"I've been all through the criticisms about material possessions," he said. "If you're into serv...

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