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The Fall and Fall of Gordon Ramsay

He serves ready-meals; his restaurants are no longer in the top 100; and now he's slipped off the Rich List. So, is it all over for the celebrity chef, or will he bounce back? Andy McSmith reports

Gordon Ramsay is well known for his fruity language, so the air around him must have blue indeed last week as one setback after another made life hell for the man who created Hell's Kitchen and The F Word.
There was the embarrassing revelation that some of the meals offered in his London restaurants are pre-prepared in a mini- factory across town. Then he was told his eateries had been dropped from a list of the world's best restaurants. On top of this, Ramsay is no longer thought to be rich enough to make it into the latest Rich List (Jamie Oliver is). And to cap it all, he has been on antibiotics - while preparing for the London Marathon - after eating a dodgy dish of chilli beef.

Not a good week, in all, for the owner of the only restaurant in London to merit three Michelin stars. Not that the past six months have been great, either. At the end of last year, the apparently happily married Ramsay was accused of having h...

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