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Flood Myths

The story of a great flood that once overwhelmed the Earth...is one of the most widespread of all myths. The earliest flood story is found in the Mesopotamian epic of Gilgamesh, in which Utnapishtim frees birds to see if the waters are subsiding. The Native American Mandan tribe spoke of Lone Man, who survived a great flood in his Big Canoe. The Greek god Zeus, tired of the wickedness of humans, sent a flood to drown them all. But the giant Prometheus warned his son Deucalion, who built an ark in time to save himself and his wife.

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  • Flood, the
    In the Old Testament, the Koran, and The Epic of Gilgamesh (an ancient Sumerian legend), a deluge lasting 40 days and nights, a disaster alleged to have obliterated all humanity except a chosen few (in the Old Testament, the survivors were... more
  • Flood Legend
    In the traditions of most ancient civilizations there can be found a legend concerning a flood of such enormous proportions that it is believed to have covered the whole Earth. Such was the destructive force of this flood that few land... more
  • Flood Story Embraced by Many Cultures
    The story of Noah, found in Genesis 6-8 in the Jewish and Christian Bible, tells of a man warned by God that the Earth will be destroyed by a flood. Noah and his family can escape if they build a large boat designed by God. (Noah is also mentioned... more
  • Mythology and World Cultures
    Mythology & World Cultures Encyclopedia Mythica: Search... more

Featured Myths

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  • National: The animals walked round and round: relic reveals Noah's ark was circular: Newly translated tablet gives building instructions: Amateur historian's find was almost overlooked
    That they processed aboard the enormous floating wildlife collection two-by-two is well known. Less familiar, however, is the possibility that the animals Noah shepherded on to his ark then went round and round inside. more
  • Gilgamesh
    Hero of the ancient Akkadian-language Epic of Gilgamesh. The great literary work of ancient Mesopotamia, the epic is known from 12 incomplete tablets discovered at Nineveh in the library of Ashurbanipal. Gaps in the narrative have been... more
  • Children of the gods
    In many mythologies, the gods reproduce just as human beings do. Their children may be other gods (who may even take over from them), or semidivine heroes, such as Cuchulain and Heracles. Some supreme deities, such as the Norse god Odin and... more
  • Will We Ever Find Atlantis?
    Byline: Wilford, John Noble ISSN: 03624331 Publication Date: 11-11-2003 Page: F.5 Section: F Type: Newspaper Language: English more