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MARK POTTER, ABC News: (voice-over) As soon as the rain spread, (?) people in Acapulco began to clean up the mess and tried to put their homes and businesses back in order. Rains from Hurricane Pauline triggered flash floods in the downtown resort area. City streets became raging rivers. The flooding had a devastating effect on many of the poor neighborhoods in the mountain foothills overlooking the city. Many of those who were killed here had been swept away by the flash flood.

To the southeast, one of Mexico's poorest regions, the state of Juajaca (ph), took the brunt of the storm when the hurricane eye came ashore there on Wednesday, pushing 30- foot waves. Now thousands of people have been left homeless because their ramshackle homes were destroyed. Officials are still adding up all the damage to roads, bridges, and power lines and still have not been able to reach all the remote areas. ...

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