Current Research in African literature

Le discours de la violence et du chaos politique dans la litterature Africaine
Gabriel Mampeme Kwambamba, 2011
Violence and political chaos are constant themes in African Francophone literature. The present dissertation attempts to demonstrate that many African writers describe violence and political chaos ...
Narrating crisis: Rwanda, Haiti, and the politics of commemoration
Jonathan D Glover, 2011
In the late-twentieth century, the Rwandan Civil War and genocide (1990-1994) and a Haitian military coup and junta (1991-1994) occasioned horrendous acts of political violence. The United States (...
Ignazio Silone, Albert Camus, and Manes Sperber: Writing Between Stalinism and Fascism
Jennifer A Orth-Veillon, 2011
This dissertation examines the role of the literary in the contradictory political experiences of three authors. I argue that Albert Camus, Ignazio Silone, and Manès Sperber create a literary langu...
In the name of the father Lacanian reading of four white South African writers
Obiwu Iwuanyanwu, 2011
The subject of the father in South African literature is the subject of labor, land, language, and liberation. This dissertation interrogates the disconnectedness in the complex triangulation of th...
Identity in motion: The symbiotic connection between migration and identity in four 20th century novels by African diasporic women writers
Tosha Kabara Sampson-Choma, 2011
This dissertation examines the migratory experiences of the protagonists from four African diasporic novels: ; Fruit of the Lemon; by Andrea Levy (1999), ; Kehinde; by Buchi Emecheta (1994), ; ...
Errancies of Desire: Subjectivity, Difference, and Proximity in Transnational Film and Literature
Vartan Patrick Messier, 2011
This dissertation is concerned with the role of desire in the aesthetic experience; more specifically, it focuses on the ways in which we project and respond affectively to a work of art as formati...
J. M. Coetzee's 'postmodern' corpus: Bodies/texts, history, and politics in the apartheid novels, 1974--1990
Shadi Neimneh, 2011
This dissertation examines the apartheid novels of the South African writer J. M. Coetzee. Using postmodernism as its main theoretical framework and working at its intersections with feminism, post...
An Algerian primer : Mouloud Feraoun's "Le Fils du pauvre", translation commentary
Lucy R McNair, 2011
My 2005 translation of Mouloud Feraoun's ; Le Fils du pauvre, Menrad, instituteur kabyle; , sought to correct an historical error by presenting this Algerian Francophone classic to an American au...
Remembering bodies: Gender, race, and nationality in the French-Algerian War
Christine Lisa Quinan, 2010
This dissertation interrogates images and narratives of the body during the French-Algerian War, an eight-year conflict that began in 1954 and ended with Algerian independence in 1962. Moving betwe...
The Representation of the Women's History and the Paradoxes of the Collective Autobiography in Assia Djebar's Novels
Salima Benzohra, 2010
In my dissertation, which is devoted to the apparent paradox of collective autobiography in Assia Djebar's novels (20th & 21st centuries), I intend to focus on the author's creation of a subver...
Irony's devices: Modes of irony from Voltaire to Camus
Philip A. Nelson, 2010
This study is an analysis of various devices for the production of irony used in three centuries of French literature. Theorists have typically formulated a taxonomy of irony based on properties of...
The homoerotics of empire: Blanc-noir desire and domination in colonial and postcolonial Francophone literature
Julin Elaine Everett, 2010
This dissertation argues for the presence in colonial and postcolonial Francophone literatures of a current of male homoerotic desire between white Frenchmen and black Africans, which doubles colon...
Speaking up, speaking out: The revolutionary potential of the adolescent girl in postcolonial African women's literature
Elizabeth Diane Vogtsberger, 2010
A commitment to unearthing, recuperating, and celebrating the unfamiliar stories of a turbulent postcolonial African female adolescence unites Yvonne Vera's ; Under the Tongue,; Chimamanda Ngozi ...
Steve Biko and black consciousness in post-apartheid South African poetry
T. Spreelin Macdonald, 2010
This dissertation rethinks the legacy of the anti-apartheid leader Steve Biko (1946-1977) in terms of his influence upon post-apartheid South African poetry. Comparing Biko's own writings on Black ...
Large worlds/small places: Critical cosmopolitanism and stereoscopic vision in the global postcolonial novel
Asdghig Karajayerlian, 2010
This dissertation looks at the new developments in the politics and narrative style of the global postcolonial novel in the most recent works of Salman Rushdie, Nadine Gordimer, V.S. Naipaul, and N...
Assia Djebar's novel designs: From variations on the couple to new couples in "The Algerian Quartet"
Jennifer Dumont, 2010
In ; The Algerian Quartet; tetralogy, Algerian writer Assia Djebar endeavors to liberate traditional and modern North African Muslim women through the oral memory of their ancestral resistance to...
Free realist style: Epistemology, form and the novel, 1909--1954
Nicholas Allen Robinette, 2010
Abstract not available.
The theatrical incarnation of the letter in three contemporary literary works: "De l'autre cote du regard" by Ken Bugul, "Autoportrait en vert" by Marie NDiaye and "Lettre d'ete" by Pascale Roze
Frederique Donovan, 2010
The letter as literary genre and material object has made an unexpected reappearance in contemporary French and Francophone literature. This dissertation explores the works of three contemporary wo...
Osundare's intrigues of tongues: Ways of meaning in an African bilingual literary corpus
Abayomi Victor Okunowo, 2010
Osundare's writing is generally acknowledged as coterminous with the contentious issues of language, style and meaning in Anglophone modern African literature, and because he is seen as representin...
Writing wrongs: Representation and transformation in twentieth century women's writing on war and conflict
Shawn Colleen Doubiago, 2010
Abstract not available.