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Udini was created to improve the way we do research. We're excited to offer the largest and most comprehensive online collection ever to be offered to the general public. That means people just like you, who need to do serious research without pricey corporate memberships or long-term commitments.


As you might imagine, amassing our collection of 12,000+ publications isn't something that happens overnight. For ProQuest, building a content powerhouse has taken over 70 years.

Eugene Powers, founder of ProQuest
Eugene Power, founder of ProQuest

Eugene Power founded ProQuest as "University Microfilms" back in 1938, aiming to preserve works and make them into formats that could be shipped back and forth overseas cheaply. This was the start of a tradition of making content accessible, which ProQuest has carried on to today. One of the biggest information service companies in the world, ProQuest continues to deliver the world's best published content to libraries, universities, institutions, and now — you.